Halloween, High Winds and Power Outages! 

Last weekend my kids’ school had their annual hallway trick or treating event. It was a blast as always! 

Ready for candy!

I love that the school offers this for the community. It takes the stress out of trick or treating for me because we are surrounded by people we know and the kids get to see their friends. 

Audrey and I are excited!

Monday morning, however, brought strong winds and rain which knocked out our power at 6:00am and caused school to be canceled. Being the optimist that I am (Or because I didn’t have any inclination of the size of the storm) I figured we’d be out of power for a few hours and the kids would have an extra day off. 

Boy was I wrong. 

The damage was worse than I’d seen in a long time. The few pictures I could get don’t even begin to show what was our reality. 

My husband sent me this picture of what used to be a thick cluster of trees near a pump station.

My husband was kind enough to send me pics of damage near his work. Including the gem below. 

This was his response when I asked him for pictures of the damage. He thinks he’s hilarious.

We lost power for four days, which was not fun, but we made it work. With a borrowed generator we had lights, water, and I could brew coffee. ( Bare necessities, people.)

Tuesday was Halloween and with the help of the awesome people at Central Maine Power, our local mall had power and we were able to take the kids to their trick or treating event for even more Halloween fun! 

It’s the first year Ben wasn’t afraid of the decorations!

She’s not excited at all. Nope.

Asking if she can eat her candy yet!

By Wednesday the kids were finding new ways to annoy each other and I caved. I allowed them some tv time on my phone. My son occupied himself streaming Food Network shows. I’m regretting this decision because of the data overages I’ll be seeing on my bill but, I couldn’t take anymore fighting. 

No power requires washing diapers by hand.

While my kids napped I had to wash our diapers by hand. It was a good work out, but, I prefer my washing machine! 

Line drying is soothing though.

Thursday came and my son finally had school which came as a relief to him and me. He got to see his friends and I got a break from the fighting between him and his sister. Thursday also brought the CMP linemen to the area. 

The linemen working near my husband’s work.

Our power was back on Thursday afternoon. We celebrated with a hot meal and holiday movies. 

I’m so happy to have power back and to get back into our routine. I’m sending good vibes to all the other Mainers still without power in hopes they get power back soon. 

You can expect a recipe post early next week! 

Thanks for reading, 


Aka, The Lazy Housewife 


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